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Solar PV Panels - Residential, Commercial & Agri 

For the past 5 years, our expert installers and electricians at Solar PV Energy have been supplying and installing solar pv panels and solutions to residents, business owners, agricultural customers and organisations throughout Cork and beyond.

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€2,100 SEAI Grant

Homeowners can take advantage of the €2,100 SEAI grant. The Solar PV Energy team will take care of the grant application and look after all paperwork involved. We will also cover the SEAI payment until the grant has come through! If eligible, this will allow you to maximise your budget and system.


About Solar PV Energy

Solar PV Energy is a leading solar panel installer based in Newtownshandrum, Charleville, Cork. We have been installing solar panels throughout Cork and beyond for over five years.

Our family-run business is proud to serve residential, commercial, and agricultural customers throughout Ireland. Solar PV Energy stands out for our commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

Our expertise allows us to deliver high quality solar pv installations with excellent customer service from enquiry to aftersales. Our focus is not just on installation but on providing comprehensive support and guidance every step of the way.

As registered solar PV installers approved by SEAI, we bring expertise and reliability to every project, ensuring the best results for our customers.

There are grants available subject to certain requirements from the SEAI and TAMS3 etc.

Our team will help you with the application process and you could start saving on your electricity bills in as little as 4 weeks.

We cover SEAI payment until the grant comes through!

Benefits of Solar PV Panels in Ireland



Solar panels allow you to generate your own electricity with your very own solar pv system. It gives you greater independence from the national grid and greater control over your energy usage and costs



You can save up to 80% on your electricity bills annually by powering your home, business or farm with the electricity generated from solar pv panels



Use a battery to store excess electricity and get paid by your utility supplier for surplus energy generated from your solar pv system

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Grants and incentives can maximise your investment. These are available to residential, commercial and agricultural customers


Case Study:

A solar pv system installed in Cork

In early 2023, we installed this 8.2Kw pv system for a busy household of 6 (including 4 children). This system was complete with solar pv panels, a battery and a hot water diverter.  Fast forward to one year later and this family are now over €750 in credit on their utility bills and they haven't paid a bill in months!


  • Installation costs: €11,500
  • SEAI Grant: €2,400
  • Final cost after grant: €9,100
  • Annual utility bill savings: €2,676


In the words of the customer:

''Solar PV Energy recently installed a 8.2Kw system with a battery and hot water diverter. From enquiry to installation everything was seamless. Clodagh dealt with and looked after all paperwork from start to finish. Tommy and the guys were in and out in no time. With a busy household of 4 children the results we are already witnessing is phenomenal. Would highly highly recommend Solar PV Energy.''


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